Carmelo Anthony, the former NBA star, and Joel Martínez, the comedian known as Kid Mero, are in some ways a perfect combination to host a streaming series.

Both are New Yorkers: Anthony grew up in public housing in Red Hook, Brooklyn; Martínez is originally from the Bronx and the city is a central part of each man’s identity.

Anthony’s most memorable moments in the NBA came in his nearly seven seasons with the New York Knicks, from 2011 to 2017. He won just one playoff series in those years, but Knicks fans treated him like a conquering hero. . Martinez is a long-suffering Knicks fan, a fact that came up often on “Desus & Mero,” the late-night comedy talk show he hosted for four seasons with Daniel Baker, known as Desus Nice.

Anthony and Martinez will team up for a weekly series titled “7PM in Brooklyn.” The show, which will be available on YouTube and Spotify starting Thursday, is being produced by Wave Sports + Entertainment, the company behind the podcasts hosted by Jason and Travis Kelce and Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George.

The hosts hope to talk primarily about basketball and New York, although other topics will be valid. (“If one day you tune in and it’s us and Meryl Streep, you shouldn’t be surprised,” Martinez said.)

The two met in 2015 when Anthony was touring Vice Studios while Martinez was recording his show there. Martinez has a reputation for being a brash talker, while Anthony is more likely to play it safe. They talked about their collaboration in a Zoom interview.

These are edited excerpts from the conversation.

Carmelo, did you know Mero when you met him?

CARMELO ANTHONY The culture and the community knew who they were.

You played in the NBA for almost 20 years. You are a future Hall of Famer with many business interests. You don’t need this. What led you to partner with Mero?

ANTONIO It’s a different vibe, right? Yes, it’s a sports talk show, but it’s more of a cultural show. It’s more about us giving people their due diligence, their flowers, showing respect, paying homage.

What bothers you about sports talk shows?

ANTONIO It’s not things that bother me. They’re just things I can see: “Oh, this. Oh, that might be better,” or “you can add this,” or “you can add that.” So it’s about thinking more creatively.

joel martinez I had this conversation with Melo from the beginning. It was exactly the same way you watch a game movie. This is how I watch television. You know what I mean? This is how I watch all types of multimedia content. As Melo said: “What can we do better? What is missing?

Grouper, be honest. Have you ever booed Carmelo?

MARTINEZ Brother, I never booed Melo. Not even once. Think about it, brother. He thinks about the Knicks. I am a 40 year old man. I’ve been watching the Knicks my entire existence. The closest the Knicks have come to that mountaintop was with Melo at the helm.

Carmelo, do you believe him?

ANTONIO I believe him because I am intervened.

Mero, are you okay with Desus today?

MARTINEZ Well, I’m from the Bronx. For example, if someone is not actively trying to murder me, we have no problems. You know what I’m talking?

ANTONIO It is a fact.

MARTINEZ Win, brother. You know what I’m talking? Do your thing, you know? If my life is a book, this is the next chapter.

Each of you has a visitor who comes from out of town. Name the place you will take them.

MARTINEZ I’ll take you to El Tina Fish Fry. Then after that we’ll go to Locksmith for a couple drinks at 192nd and Broadway.

ANTONIO I can’t give you my places. I can’t put the stains there.

Carmelo is such a New Yorker that his places are secret.

ANTONIO That epitomizes me as a New Yorker. You have to know the places to go. It also depends on who comes to town.

Mero, the last time we spoke you told me that being a Knicks fan It was like watching “wild, volatile action.” How would you describe it now?

MARTINEZ Now it’s like, I have Apple in my portfolio. It may go up and down a little, but it will never crash..

How much will the Nets be mentioned on the show?

MARTINEZ What’s that?

ANTONIO I’m not biased. I also give perspective. They’re in Brooklyn. It’s “7 pm in Brooklyn.” The program is based in Red Hook, Brooklyn. So, yes, of course, there will be times when the Nets will be mentioned.

Look how diplomatic Carmelo is being. Do you agree with that, Mero?

MARTINEZ We are New Yorkers. That’s the real New York. It’s like, yeah, I’m going to roast you. But it’s love. You know what I’m talking? And I want you to come and talk about what we criticized you for.